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Video Tutorial: Excel Forms

Easily find, edit, add and delete records in an Excel data table using the forms tool. Excel’s Form tool simulates a database user interface when working with structured tables holding multiple records in Excel. It’s super simple to use and requires absolutely NO setting up. The Form tool isn’t available in Excel’s default ribbon though, […]

Where did my header go?

Headers and Footers in Word documents leave many users confused. They change when you don’t want them to, don’t change when you do want them to and sometimes they just appear or disappear when you’ve done something seemingly unrelated. There’s always a reason why Word does what it does with the headers and footers. Although […]

Training for Sunrise

When my friend and business associate (Jo from DVE Solutions) visited Sunrise Children’s village in Cambodia with the Project GenZ team last year, I heard stories of a war torn country and school aged children with no option but to work to ensure their family’s survival. I learnt about a brutal regime that killed more […]

Five Super-Simple Excel Tips to Manage Your Data

A well designed spreadsheet is like modern day magic. Linked cells, conditional formatting and clever formula writing can all be combined to analyse data and present results in less time than it takes to pull a rabbit from a hat. Incorporating new efficiencies into your spreadsheets may seem daunting, but there’s lots of solutions out […]

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