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How do I insert Excel-like formulas in Word?

Everyone knows that you can use formulas in Excel, but it’s not so well known that you can do the same in Word. Although complex functions aren’t available, basic formulas to perform mathematical operations can be used in Word to calculate using the value of table cells. Here’s some examples of ones that might be […]

What are logical tests in Excel?

In the most simple terms… Logical tests are used to determine whether to perform an action or not perform the action by making comparisons and returning True or False as the result of a simple comparison. However using logical tests in practicality is much cooler… Use them to determine whether to apply a conditional format […]

Excel Shortcut Keys Cheat Sheet

If you’re a keyboard user (like me) and hate having to take your hands off of the keyboard to reach for the mouse… There’s a keyboard shortcut to achieve everything in Excel. Ctrl, Alt and Shift in combination with letter keys, number keys and each other are used to negate the need for your hands […]

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