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One-on-One Excel Training

Are you looking to upgrade your Excel skills? Do you need to learn the most efficient ways to analyse data, extract information or produce reports? Would you like to know how to create pivot tables, consolidate files, automate reporting or streamline any routine Excel tasks?


    One-on-One Excel training is the perfect avenue to provide your team with the knowledge and skills they need to maximise their efficiency in tasks that relate specifically to their job requirements.
    We utilise the participants own files to tailor the training session to ensure that the skills and knowledge learnt can be immediately applied to the job.
    During a one-on-one session, our Microsoft Office Expert will consult your team member at their desk and review their practices to tailor a session that is casual, informative, comprehensive and (most importantly) relevant to their needs. After reviewing the requirements, our trainer will recommend and discuss the most efficient approaches, then provide in-depth instructions and a comprehensive step-by-step guide to achieve the task objectives.


    • Use real-life work examples for the most relevant training experience
    • Learn directly from a Microsoft Certified Office Expert and fully qualified trainer
    • Flexible course content, duration and location
    • Cover more content in less time
    • Ask as many questions as you like
    • No pre-requisite skills or knowledge – learn only what you want to learn


    Although our plan is to cover the topics determined by the pre-training analysis, the content is as flexible as you need it to be and the focus can change any time (before or during your session).


    Included in the cost of one-on-one training, our trainer will provide follow-up support for one month, via phone or email to answer any queries that may arise with regard to the functions learnt.
    The cost of three hours of one-on-one personalised training is $270.00 (+GST), which includes:

    • Review of current practices
    • Personally tailored training session delivered by a Microsoft Certified Office Expert
    • Step-by-step guide
    • month support from your trainer via phone or e-mail

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss your training needs with you – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you’ll recoup your investment.

To make an enquiry about training your staff, call us to make an appointment.
We’ll visit you in your office, discuss your training requirements and the current expertise of your staff to devise a training package that suits you.