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Automating Simple Emails

Are you regularly creating multiple emails that include information specific to the recipient? Do you copy and paste the data for each email from an Excel spreadsheet into an Outlook mail item? Would you like Excel to do all this for you so you can reclaim your lost time?


    A programmed email automation template can send the data you choose directly from Excel to an Outlook mail item to create personalised emails including all of the relevant information from your records in Excel.
    We design adjustable Excel data templates that let the user choose which email text to use, which fields from the source data to include, whether to generate a preview before sending and even whether to include a signature or not.


    • Efficiency – Everything that is done manually can be done automatically, even the decision making about whether to send the email or not can be made by Excel
    • Flexibility – Your template will generate emails with the recipient, subject line and body text all taken from the fields you choose in the source data
    • Computational Power – Utilising Excel to analyse the data means that all of Excels computational power can be utilised to generate the most relevant email body text
    • Simplicity & User Friendliness – Sending multiple e-mails is as simple as pressing a button.


    DOC Office understand that your data and communication requirements are unique to your business, so we design each template specifically for the business and the task. Our plan is always to make your templates as flexible as possible to ensure new records can be added, previous records can be modified and additional fields can be included, so that as your data grows, the functionality grows with it.


    Generally the cost involved in designing and programming an automation template will be offset by the efficiencies gained within a couple of months. The actual cost of designing and programming your automation template is difficult to predict as it will depend on the functionality required.
    Our cost includes:

    • Review of current practices
    • Detailed proposal documenting our vision
    • Professionally designed, individually created automation template to suit your requirements
    • Comprehensive user manual
    • Three months support

    To start the ball rolling, call us to make an appointment. We’ll visit you in your office, take a look at your current processes, discuss what you hope to achieve, then document our vision in a formal proposal for you to consider. It’s a risk free / fee free appointment where you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Call us to inquire and begin the journey to greater efficiency.

Click here to download a printable flyer


    Click below to download a simple Excel file that sends multiple emails through Outlook.

    Read the instructions tab before proceeding. Don’t worry, it won’t send anything until you ask it to, and even then, it will only generate emails in preview mode unless you change the settings.

Click here to download a simple sample demonstrating Outlook email automation from Excel