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Seperating individual records in a worksheet into individual tabs based on the entry in a specific column can be a time consuming task, that involves lots of boring copying and pasting.

Lucky for you though, We’ve created this simple macro that splits your file into seperate worksheets with the click of a button.

We’ve programmed the attached sample file with the macro code to seperate all records into individual worksheets based on their entry in the column the user chooses, and also to do the reverse – to consolidate all worksheets into one master list.

While this solution might work well enough for a purpose, it’s unlikely that a ‘cookie cutter’ solution will be the perfect fit for anyone. Automating processes for any business requires a unique approach, considering the tasks required, the properties of the source data and the application of the end product. We welcome your call to discuss automation of your current processes with you – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the cost and how quickly you’ll recoup your investment.
Download a sample macro that splits your data into seperate worksheets based on the value in the column you choose