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How much time is repetitive processing costing your business?
Can these tasks be achieved more efficiently in a repeatable, automated workflow?


Microsoft Excel is the industry standard program used to analyse and report on key business metrics, while all businesses use Excel for data analysis and reporting; very few utilise even a portion of it’s full potential to maximise efficiency in the workplace.

Uncountable hours are spent repeatedly performing the same tasks to analyse current data and present results in a uniform format every week, month or quarter.

These uncountable hours can never be recovered once wasted, but they can be put to better use in the future by having these repetitive tasks achieved efficiently within a repeatable, automated workflow (i.e. a macro)

Macros are created to repeatedly perform any task that can be achieved manually in Microsoft Office.

Macros that we design are tailored to your requirements, work with your existing systems and have a strong focus on simplicity and user friendliness.

To explore your business potential to automate tedious tasks, give us a call. We’ll visit you in your office (or you can visit ours), we’ll review your existing processes and propose a solution that’s tailored to your business requirements. If you’re happy with the cost/benefit (we’re pretty confident that you will be), we’ll customise a process that’s specific to your business, flexible to allow for future requirements, and simple for your staff to use on a daily basis.

Or: Check out our suite of (generic) automation templates already programmed for you to try

    • Build and send emails from your Excel data
    • Create Powerpoint presentations directly from your Excel data
    • Simulate a database with Excel forms
    • Populate Word templates
      with Excel data
    • Automatically
    • Consolidate multiple files into one spreadsheet
    • With a click

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